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1. Seed Sower - $100:

  • Recognition:

    • Appreciation shout-outs during online promotions.

2. Harvest Guardian - $500:

  • Recognition:

    • Larger logo placement on tour website and select promotional materials

    • Social media features and thank-you posts.

3. Field Steward - $1,000:

  • Recognition:

    • Prominent logo placement on the tour website, promotional materials, and event signage.

    • Dedicated social media features.

    • Inclusion in select media interviews and press opportunities.

    • Exclusive access to tour insights and behind-the-scenes content.

4. Farm Legacy Advocate - $2,500:

  • Recognition:

    • Featured logo placement on all tour materials, including merchandise.

    • Acknowledgment in official tour press releases.

    • Sponsored content on tour social media channels.

    • Invitation to special events and VIP experiences during the tour.


5. Land Heritage Steward - $5,000:

  • Recognition:

    • Prime logo visibility on all tour platforms, including stage banners and event signage.

    • Recognition in tour-related interviews and media coverage.

    • Personalized thank-you video from the tour organizers.

    • VIP access to tour events and meet-and-greets.


6. Legacy Protector - $10,000:

  • Recognition:

    • Exclusive logo placement as a premier sponsor.

    • Featured in pre-event promotional videos and advertisements.

    • Dedicated press release highlighting the sponsorship.

    • Customized social media campaigns and collaborations.


These sponsorship levels are designed to resonate with the theme of preserving the land legacy, honoring the connection to the soil and the agricultural heritage that the SAFL Tour aims to protect.

Contact SAFL Team for more details on how you to can help Save Americas Farmland. 

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